Friday, November 17, 2006

Are you a Library Goddess?...Would you like to share your thoughts on books, tech, materials, apps, programs, or any other aspects of libraries?

Gentlemen...don't worry...we welcome mythological, magical, or mystical members as well. Join us and contribute your musings and share your knowledge.

Library Goddesses share their favorite books, knowledge, and professional experience in libraryland...what's new, funny, tragic, poignant, and everything in between...

We currently have Blog sections for Board Books, Picture Books, Fiction for Kids, Fiction for Adults, Teens, Nonfiction for Kids, Nonfiction for Adults, Program ideas, Apps for Kids, Apps, and All Things Tech.

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  1. Erica Sternin7/12/2007

    I was diligently "working" on a Library 2.0 assignment and reading through postings that coworkers had left about favorite blogs -- I found your blog that way. Love it! I sent an email to the Children's Staff and the Teen Librarians to share my "find" with them.

  2. Wonderful site - well done.

  3. Love the blog. I am an author illustrator and children's book addict Please contact me Barbara@barbaraensor so I can be part of it. cheers,

  4. Do you have a section for good read-alouds?
    I'm looking for something to read to my children who are beginning readers . It's tricky to find something with content on their level but obviously a higher reading level. They love Indian in the Cupboard, Charlotte's Web, Ralph and the Motorcycle, all the Roald Dahl books etc. Is there anything else out there?
    We started reading the Magic Tree House serious but I am SO BORED with the writing style and quality.

    I love this blog - I could browse it for hours. Thanks!